Maria Magdalena

From now I will try to read more texts in English. It isn’t my first language and I can’t speak/write it very well, but I want to talk to more people.

My first English blog is about a book I’m read at the moment. It is from Kathleen McGowan, The expected One, in Dutch it calls “Het Magdalena Mysterie”, the story goes about a woman, Maureen Paschal, she’s living in the USA and she is a writer. Her dad died long time ago, her cousin Father Peter Healy cares about her. One night, Maureen gets weird dreams, about a crucifying. She gets more and more dreams like that and a man in France invited her to come over. He think she is “The expected one”. If she is in France she will learn more and more about the connecting between France and Maria Magdalena and her life. She will find something very important, something what is a treatment for the religion of the most people in the world, for the Christianity. It ends with something very exciting.

The reason why I will tell you about this book is what the impact of the book is. During the time you read it, your brain is thinking a lot. Maria is depicted like a whore, as the most people know, but Kathleen McGowan wrote a story which show you she wasn’t. Of course it is a roman, so not everything is the truth, but she makes it very reasonable that she wasn’t a whore, but the most important disciple of Jesus Christ. But that is not everything, she was the wife of Johannes the Doper and, after his dead, Jesus Himself. Also she had three kids: one from Johannes, Johannes-Joseph, and two from Jesus, Sara-Tamar and that name I forgot. I think that she was the wife and most important disciple, because the church had wrote her out of everything. It sounds weird, I know, but the Catholic Church doesn’t want women on the most important places, they don’t want women on which position either. But why would they describe Maria as a whore? Because they can’t say that she was that important for the history of the church.

I know, it is my opinion what I wrote up here, not based on real information, but I want to use my study, and after my study, my knowledge to find the truth. I only think that we never going the know the truth, but say never, never!

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